Leadership Development

Leadership Development basically refers to the expansion of one’s capacity that allows them to excel in their leadership roles. Our experts will work in collaboration with you to assess and enhance your capabilities and skills, and will then devise an appropriate plan to help you achieve your strategic goals.

The Leadership Development Program consists of the following:


If you want to ensure the long-term success of your business, you need to invest in your personal development, which will allow you to lead your team better and propel your business forward. Individuals who are eager to advance in their career should enrol in this program, as it incorporates Maxwell’s method of speaking, leading, and coaching. You will be provided with a series of training programs, courses, workshops, seminars, and presentations that will teach you how to effectively deal with challenging situations at work and evolve into a better version of yourself, ultimately allowing you to progress in your career.

Utilizing John Maxwell’s professional growth and leadership development program will allow you to:

  • Enhance your professional skills
  • Create a strategic plan to fulfil your career goals
  • Lead a successful business
  • Evolve into a better speaker and coach who has the ability to revolutionize others’ lives

Are you ready to evolve into a successful leader? Select the relevant program to get started:

  • Master the Art of Speaking
  • Become an Exceptional Leader
  • Become an Outstanding Seller
  • Evolve into a Great Coach
  • The Maxwell Method of Masterminds
  • Leadership Assessments


Our experts will work alongside you to understand your perspective, and will then devise an appropriate plan to imprint a positive perspective into your mind that will allow you to get rid of a limited mindset and empower you. Overcoming a limited mindset will allow you to achieve your goals faster and pave the way to unlimited success.

Our coaching services include the following:

One-on-one Coaching:

Synergy Solutions provides individual coaching to help you fulfil your mission, reach your purpose, and achieve your goals by incorporating the relevant laws from John Maxwell’s leadership program.

Group Coaching

Synergy Solutions offers group coaching to passionate individuals, enabling them to enhance their leadership skills and evolve into successful leaders. Group discussions lead to rich conversations that help in empowering the participants to produce exceptional solutions that wouldn’t have been possible without every individual’s contribution. The unique bond that is formed helps in empowering each individual to become an effective leader of the future.


Learn how to develop positive work relationships, align your teams better and cultivate a positive working environment for your employees. Our experts will work in collaboration with you to identify and eliminate all the communication barriers present within your organization. Develop an effective communication system and boost the productivity of your employees by enhancing and polishing your communication skills through various communication exercises and presentations provided by the experts at Synergy Solutions.


Synergy Solutions recognizes first-hand the opportunities and oppositions of starting a business. Dr Yam has a natural passion to help others to have a similar or better experience in becoming the next success story in the world of business. From that “Dreams To Launch” was initiated to provide a support and service platform for aspiring solo preneurs and entrepreneurs.  The Synergy team applies John Maxwell leadership principles to guide our thinking and discourse throughout because we recognize that with any good business, it starts with leadership. Dreams to launch is centred around four core actions: Dream, Learn, Launch and Grow.